Remote learning plan

Middle and High School


In the middle- and high school grades our school provides guided online learning for students of all ages, in case of a school closure, from 09:00-15:35 CET, Monday to Fridays. Also under extraordinary circumstances, our priority remains to continue to support our students in their education and to maintain a daily routine during this unusual situation. Students and teachers continue their work remotely while away from school. We post learning material on the class message boards of our teaching platform ManageBac. As a school where all students and staff have full access to the Office365 by Microsoft, we supplement ManageBac with Microsoft Teams for the purpose of Video Conferencing.

MYP and DP students will follow the same class schedule they have for on-campus learning. Our students and teachers also continue to receive the MHS Daily Bulletin in their St John's email account each morning. The day will start with an advisory reflection, which we post on Managebac by 8.30 each morning.  The students need to keep a journal/notebook, which is discussed with their advisors in a video conference once a week. The writing prompt may ask the student to set goals and write their response to debatable questions and reflect on their learning or on what they are grateful for.


Throughout the day, the teachers post lessons on Managebac ten minutes before the start of each class. Students studying Mother Tongue languages are contacted by the Mother Tongue Coordinator and their tutors via email. All the while, the normal break times in the morning and at lunch apply. We encourage our students to practice balance and ensure they're not working alone in front of a computer all day.

Our teachers keep "regular" business hours (08:00 - 15:45) and can be contacted by their students during this time. Teachers may communicate with students, by school email or Managebac message after this time, but there is no video-conferencing after 17.00. Teachers determine themselves which weekly class they will dedicate to Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing. Students will know well ahead of time through the message board on the learning platform Managebac.

As far as attendance is concerned, moving to Remote Learning does require a lot of trust. Of course, parents do carry tremendous responsibility during Remote Learning. Parents are expected to monitor the engagement of their children, and inform us, as usual, if their child or children are unwell and cannot participate in the lessons.

How can our students optimise their learning:
  • Establish a consistent daily routine to support learning based on their regular timetable.
  • Follow St John's IT Responsible Use Policy at all times
  • Identify a comfortable space so that they can work productively and successfully with minimal distractions
  • Engage in all tasks with academic honesty and integrity
  • Check Managebac at the start of each class for lesson information from their teacher
  • Seek clarification from peers or teachers if unsure of expectations
  • Complete tasks as instructed by teachers
  • Collaborate online with peers when appropriate
  • Complete all assignments and assessments on time
  • Take breaks, be active, and get plenty of rest

Be mindful of workload and well-being. Communicate with teachers, advisor, or counsellor if they need support

How can our families support learning:
  • Support the school's expectation that students will follow their regular timetable remotely
  • Be involved! Ask questions and talk about learning and upcoming tasks and deadlines
  • Go through the St John's IT Responsible Use Policy with their child or children
  • Help child or children manage their workload and develop healthy daily routines in a suitable learning location
  • Encourage child or children to take breaks and engage in frequent physical exercise
  • Be mindful of children's well-being by talking about their challenges or concerns, and contact the counsellor if necessary
  • Create opportunities for face-to-face interaction with peers online and maintain connections with their school community. Keep their children social but set limits to their social-media use
  • Ensure their child dresses appropriately and they are in a suitable location when using video conferencing
  • Establish tech-free times for quiet and reflection. Monitor the amount of time their child is spending online and looking at screens.


We wish you all success during this remote learning time while the St John's campus is closed.







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