Welcome to St. John’s Primary School!

The primary years are the vital foundations for all future schooling in a student’s life. If children experience learning as fun, relevant and valuable, they will develop a positive attitude towards education.

Here at St John’s International School, our dedicated and experienced teachers use the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) curriculum to plan student learning. This program emphasizes the development of the whole child – intellectual, social, emotional and physical aspects of learning – within our unique international context.

Our team of highly experienced international educators work together collaboratively to develop the Programme of Inquiry which is unique to St John’s, with consideration given to our geographical location in the heart of Europe. We are proud to offer subject lessons taught by specialist teachers, which are interwoven into the programme through the Transdisciplinary nature of the programme. The PYP is an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning, which results in students having the skills to be able to question the world in which they live. They grow up as confident individuals, with their own opinions and are able to reflect on learning with a critical perspective.



A Few Words

As part of our international and often mobile community, our students have unique needs. Many will be new to English, most are living in a new country away from family, making school an important place for our students. Teachers and students build community within their classrooms, and it becomes a secure place where the students can learn to become part of a group while developing a positive self-identity.

In the Primary School, we recognize that every student is different and brings a unique combination of experience, attitude and ability. As parents are the people who know their children best, we value our partnership with home in determining ways to support each child to ensure they reach their true potential.

Our Primary School is a wonderful place for students to learn. Their safety, well-being and education are all considered when we make decisions. We have developed a rich, relevant curriculum to engage students and an updated facility for learning to take place. Most importantly we have created a friendly, caring community to welcome your children.

I hope to meet you when you have the opportunity to visit our school and experience for yourself why this is a very special place.

With best wishes,

Joanna Havenhand

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Our internationally recognised programme, the International Baccalaureate Organization's Primary Years Programme (PYP), provides structures for an exciting, child-centered curriculum that lays the foundations for future learning. Learn more.


Guided by our philosophy for the learning and growing of each child along with our Elementary Code of Conduct and the PYP Learner Profile, we ensure that every student is able to enjoy success and happiness in their daily interaction with others. The children inspire us, the adults in their lives, to be lifelong learners.




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