And University Destinations

We are extremely proud of our Grade 12 students who have achieved impressive IB Diploma results:


The St. John’s Grade 12 students registered for the full IB Diploma Programme in 2019 achieved excellent results.

We are once again very proud of our students’ performance, which is a further testament to our long history as an IB school, celebrating our 40-year anniversary in 2019.

Over 165,000 students from over 153 countries took the IBDP this year. The IB’s outlook is invaluable, instilling in our young people the capacity to understand and prosper in the global community, as well as providing an outstanding entry to university.

The 54 students that took the IBDP this year achieved an impressive average diploma score of 32.2, which is well above the world average with a near 100 % pass rate. The highest Diploma score was an outstanding 43 and a fifth of our graduates achieved 38 points or more.

AP Examinations

As Belgium’s only AP examination centre, we would also like to share with you their excellent AP results: St John’s average score came in at 4.43 on the 1 – 5 AP scale (1 = Unqualified, 5 = Extremely well qualified). This is an even more remarkable result when compared to the world AP average in the six St John’s AP subjects of 3.20. Students took AP examinations in Spanish, French and German as foreign languages, Calculus, Micro and Macro Economics.      


University Destinations


Our St. John’s alumnae/i are now on their way to pursue their higher academic ambitions at a variety of renowned institutions throughout the world such as the London School of Economics and the University of Utrecht in Europe, the University of Notre Dame, Columbia University and Lafayette College in the US or the University of Toronto in Canada.


In accordance with our philosophy and mission statement, St. John’s does not practice selective admissions. We believe in giving a very diverse student body the opportunity for a great education. As a result of providing assistance to a significant number of disadvantaged children, approximately 25 % of our students fall in the category of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and learning disability students, and receive assistance from the Support Services Department. We challenge students to reach their full potential in a supportive and caring environment, knowing that we will not achieve a 100% pass rate.


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