And University Destinations

We are extremely proud of our graduating class of 2020, who faced unprecedented challenges this year.

As many of you will be aware, the release of exam results this year has been fraught with difficulty, following the decision by the IB Organisation to cancel the May session of written exams. Across the world, many students have achieved results that were not a true reflection of their ability or the level they had reached, and this proved to be the case for many of our students at St John’s as well. Nevertheless, our students have as a group achieved a fantastic 32.7 point average, which solidifies the continual upward trend of St. John's IB DP results. Additionally, we were delighted to see a record-breaking 50% of our whole cohort achieve the highly-regarded Bi-lingual Diploma – well above the global average of 32%. Looking ahead, as more re-mark requests are submitted, and the revised results come through, we are confident that our grade point average will increase. You can find the current results below. 

We are also very proud to pass on the university destinations of our Class of 2020! 

As ever, our students are progressing to a wide range of universities. You may find the full list here: Download PDF

We would like to express our thanks to Ms Walravens, Mr Prowse and Mr Vanderkelen who have proved to be phenomenal support to the students in this period of uncertainty, liaising with universities, and providing the support and information required to allow our students to move on to their next challenge in life.


2020 IB DP Results

  • Average diploma score of 32.7
  • 93 % pass rate
  • The highest Diploma score of 42
  • 24% achieving 38 points or higher
  • More than 50% achieving the Bilingual Diploma
AP Examinations

St. Johns is the only international school in the Brussels area offering AP.

This year a significant percentage of our graduating class also took the AP examinations.  

As in previous years, the results were outstanding. 

  • An average score of 3.7 on the 1 – 5 AP scale with perfect scores across the board in languages.
  • Like last year more than 90% of students scored 3 or higher on their exams
  • Students took AP examinations in Spanish and French as foreign languages, Physics, Calculus, Micro and Macro Economics.



In accordance with our philosophy and mission statement, St. John’s does not practice selective admissions. We believe in giving a very diverse student body the opportunity for a great education. As a result of providing assistance to a significant number of disadvantaged children, approximately 25 % of our students fall in the category of English as an Additional Language (EAL) and learning disability students, and receive assistance from the Support Services Department. We challenge students to reach their full potential in a supportive and caring environment, knowing that we will not achieve a 100% pass rate.


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