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In our early years programmes - Timbertots, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten - we follow the Reggio Emilia philosophy. This is an educational philosophy based on the image of the child as possessing strong potential for development and as a subject of rights, who learns and grows in their relationships with others.

This global educational project has inspired schools all over the world, and is based on a number of distinctive characteristics: the participation of families, the collegial work of all personnel, the importance of the educational environment, the in-school kitchen, the pedagogical coordinating team, the presence of the atelier, or creative space, and the figure of the atelierista, a teacher dedicated to promoting creative expression.

In the atelier spaces young children are offered daily opportunities to encounter many types of materials, many expressive languages, many points of view, working actively with hands, minds, and emotions, in a context that values the expressiveness and creativity of each child in the group.

Dual Language Program

The Dual Language Program is one in which two languages are used for instruction: English and, in our case, French. 50% of instruction is provided by a French mother tongue teacher and 50% is provided by an English mother tongue teacher, working together as a team. The students are integrated during most of the day, allowing them to learn from each other as proficient peer models. This model allows for additive bilingualism for all students, meaning that academic progress will be maintained in the first language while the student obtains proficiency in a second language.

Please see this FAQ document for more information on the Dual Language Program.


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