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St.John’s International School is housed in modern buildings and located in a quiet, tree-lined, residential area of Waterloo. The area is very family focused and many families live within walking distance of the school, or else in the surrounding suburbs of Ohain and Lasne. This proximity encourages a strong sense of community in school life, which also benefits our families living in the Brussels Capital Region and surrounding towns and cities.

St John’s is only 15 minutes south of Brussels. The highway that passes Waterloo makes for easy access to destinations in all directions.

There are many ways to reach St. John's International School:

On foot

Many St. John's families live in the surrounding neighbourhoods and enjoy a walk to school. Pavements and pedestrian crossings in front of school ensure that this is a safe and healthy way to get here. Each morning and afternoon, our maintenance team, staff and members of the administration help our students get to school safely by managing the crossings and the entryways into school.

By bike

Since about 70% of St. John's families live in or near Waterloo, many students choose to bike to school. The streets in Waterloo have bike lanes and many streets have light traffic. We recently increased the number of bike racks on campus to encourage more students to come by bike.

On the school bus

We have an efficient and extensive school bus system which services both for the wider area around Waterloo as well the greater Brussels’ region. The service includes pick-up from your front door wherever possible. 

We will add one more express line to the neighbourhoods in the South of Brussels (Ixelles / St. Gilles). There will also be general pick-up points on the various routes in the 2019/20 school year extending our service further and speeding up travel times.

You can see the routes here as well as the current maximum travel times.

Region Endpoint Travel time
Walloon Brabant Louvain-La-Neuve 35 min.
Flemish Brabant Tervuren 40 min.
Brussels South - Forrest & Uccle Forest Park 35 min.
Brussels South - St. Gilles & Ixelles Place Stéphanie 35 min.
Brussels South - Forest & Uccle Churchill 40 min.
Brussels East – The Wolluwes and beyond Montgomery 35 min.
Brussels East – The Wolluwes and beyond Kraainem 25 min.
Waterloo 30 min.
Brussels East – The Wolluwes and beyond Herman Debroux 20 min.


Our high schoolers serve as bus monitors to ensure the rules are followed by all students on the bus and to help younger students when needed. Our bus coordinator can provide you with approximate pick-up and drop-off times for more specific locations.


    If you are looking for a fast way for your children to reach school, we can arrange direct, door-to-door personal taxi service for you from any location. Please ask our admissions office for details.

    By car

    St. John's has an effective one-way "drop off" route on campus in the mornings which allows for the quick, safe and easy drop-off of students of all ages. Students can be dropped off right at the entrance door to go directly into the hallway. Staff members ensure the safe entry of walkers and bikers while allowing for a smooth drop-off for those coming by car.

    Public transport

    High school students have an additional option to get to school, via public transport. A free bus, provided by the city of Waterloo, runs from the Waterloo train station to a stop within walking distance of St. John's.


    There are regular train services from the centre of Brussels (to the north) and Nivelles to the South. A free bus, provided by the city of Waterloo, runs from the Waterloo train station to a stop within walking distance of St. John's.


    About Waterloo

    The town of Waterloo, surrounded by the 10 920-acre Sonian Forest, plays a very important economic role in Belgium, primarily due to the many international companies that have their headquarters here. However, it remains a cosy town of about 20,000 inhabitants with a family feel. 

    With over 20 percent of the population being expatriates, this is a very friendly, inclusive and easy place to live, especially if it is your first time abroad. The local Commune is very experienced in dealing with expatriates and genuinely welcomes them into the community. Waterloo provides all the conveniences of a large town while maintaining a small-town feel.

    It has big family houses which often come with nice gardens. Everything you need in terms of services, stores, medical facilities and cultural opportunities is available in town. As a result, there are loads of things for families to do together.


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