The security of everyone in our community is of key importance to us. Whenever there are community members on campus, we will have security personnel present to ensure their safety.

St. John's has a closed campus with two entrances, each with a security guard. When you first come to campus, you will be met by one of our security guards, who will ask for your ID card and guide you to our reception. There, you will receive a visitor's badge which we expect you to wear while on campus.

Students, staff and parents at St. John's have a school badge which they show when entering the campus. Members of the staff are outside each morning to greet arriving students and parents as they enter campus.

Our security guards and the staff know all our students and parents, mostly by name, which adds to our safety as unfamiliar faces are easily spotted. Our security guards are highly professional and experienced but very friendly at the same time and much liked by our students, teachers and staff members.'


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