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Speaker Series at SJIS

25 November 2019

2019-20 will see the Speaker Series at St. John’s kick into a higher gear.

As we indicated last school year, when we hosted our first speaker event in the Performing Arts Center when we welcomed British-based investigative photo-journalist Jeremy Hunter who will give a presentation on North Korea, this year we expanded the concept into a full-fledged Speaker Series.

Each of the events will commence at 7 PM and St. John’s offers attendance to its students for free and the community of parents and guardians for the small fee of 15€. As usual, you will be able to reserve your seats via Eventbrite by following this link: and search for St. John’s Speaker Series

With your ticket, you will be able to enter via the back entrance of the school.

Should you arrive by car, you may park in the underground garage of the PAC.


  • 6:30 PM Doors open & welcome drink
  • 7:30 PM Introduction
  • 7:45 PM Speaker event in the theatre
  • 8:45 PM Q&A / Book-signing
  • 9:15 PM Closing reception

Some drinks and amuses bouches offered

  • 10:30 PM Close


This year Waterstone’s will be a partner in these events to allow you to purchase books by the authors that will be visiting us.

We chose to invite a whole selection of fascinating speakers this year to talk about a variety of topics.

We are very proud to present this year’s outstanding line-up:

  • Martin King

British military historian

  • November 6th
  • Key players in the Battle of the Bulge

In its 75th commemoration year, Mr. King will speak extensively about the “Ardennes Counteroffensive”, including the role of Belgian nurse Augusta Chiwy, and the part it played in bringing along the end of World War II.

  • Clarissa Farr

Author and Educator

  • January 9th
  • “The making of Her”
  • To mark the launch of her new book “The Making of Her” Ms. Farr will go into conversation with our very-own Jonathan Jones exploring how education can unleash the potential of women.
  • David Hepworth

Music journalist, writer and publishing industry analyst

  • February 11th
  • Why 1971 was rock’s golden year

Instrumental in the foundation of many popular magazines in the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, he may be best known to many as a co-presenter of the BBC broadcast of Live Aid on 13 July 1985. At St. John’s he will deliver world-class musings about music, business, publishing and the general world of media.

  • Jeremy Hunter

Revisiting St. John’s as a photojournalist

  • March 9th
  • Tribes / Rough Guides
  • Hunter will guide us through a photographic exploration of the DNA, beliefs, and faiths of many of the world’s cultures and communities providing an insight into the need to respect the differences in these cultures. It’s also an opportunity to explore what makes them all tick.

Supported by Hunter’s imagery and videos, Tribes provides a snapshot of these experiences.

  • Max Hastings

Award-winning journalist, foreign correspondent and expert on defense matters

  • April 1st
  • The human cost of the Vietnam war
  • By the end of the war in May 1975, 58,220 US soldiers had died together with eighteen Russians, fourteen North Koreans, 771 Chinese- and more than two million Vietnamese, around 40 for every American corpse, together with numberless more Cambodian and Lao people.

These numbers far exceed the human cost of the 21st century’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria combined. Vietnam also made a cultural impact upon its times greater than any modern strife.

Mr. Hastings will explore this bloodbath, the result of a succession of conflicts that lasted three decades, from the human perspective.

We hope to welcome you all in large numbers throughout the year for this undoubtedly fascinating series of speakers that will descend upon St. John’s to share their stories, insight, and experiences.


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