Covid-19 Updates and Information

This page has been created to keep you up to date with the evolving Covid-19 situation in Belgium and how it affects our community or a possible visit to our school. 

Belgium resumed on-campus education for all children and young people at a normal rhythm of five days a week.

All schools, including St. John’s, has opened on code yellow, the lowest level of a new government color-code system. This level could change to follow the medical circumstances, either within a single school or in a particular school area. Waterloo has relatively low weekly infection rates, so the area is currently not at risk of having to go to partially remote learning in parts of Middle- and High School, which would be the result of a move to code orange.

We were thrilled to be able to welcome everybody back onto our campus at the end of August, while at the same time taking up our clear individual and collective responsibility; we must take absolute care of ourselves and be absolutely respectful of everyone around us – both the people we see and the people who will pass through the spaces.

Right now, the St John’s values of integrity, respect, and companionship take on an even deeper meaning.

All Covid19 Updates can be accessed below. 

We are open to visitors who want to join us for this or next school year. For more information on making a virtual school visit with our Admissions Team beforehand, please click here.

Latest news

Now that the "lockdown" is being eased, it is essential to state that the well-being and safety of our community stand at the forefront of all decisions we take. Hence, any steps we take in reopening our school to students to either conduct on-campus learning or potentially provide supervised remote learning are always guided by this principle. In opening up our campus, we will adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, health monitoring, contact tracing, and, if required, taking the necessary steps towards confinement in case of suspected infection.

This is an ongoing process that will depend on the development of government guidelines and directives as well as the results of our own learnings as we gain hands-on experience in gradually reopening our campus to students. We re-assess the situation on a weekly basis and adapt our current planning accordingly.

With all good wishes, 

Elaine Purves


Head of School

In case of questions, please contact:


Helpful Links and Key Resources

Below you may find some links to websites with very useful information regarding the situation in Belgium and around the world. 

Here we also posted our latest CoVid19 protocols that apply and a handy "cheat-sheet" that contains an overview of which procedure to follow or action to take depending on your family's situation. 

We adhere to some very basic principles that, in combination, will ensure that we can be together in as safe an environment as possible. 

  • Masks – an essential part of our daily life
  • Hygiene – keep clean, keep cool!
    We wash or sanitize our hands frequently, wipe down equipment, and clean the areas that all of us are using. We take daily temperature checks at home and bring water in a refillable bottle.
  • Distancing – together, but 1.5 m. apart!
  • Trace contacts fast – We share new information quickly to protect each other




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