A renowned IEB teaching institution, and ideal gateway to international universities.

Excellent athletics facilities and visual & performing arts programmes.

High quality academic standards, a bilingual approach and supervised homework.

An international but familiar atmosphere that breeds confidence and respect for others.

Early learning, primary, middle and high school, with optional boarding.

Member of Inspired, a global premium private school group.



Book a personalised tour


We believe that one of the best ways to decide if a school is right for you and for your children, is to visit and experience it for yourself.

So come and meet the teachers, the parents, the staff and the students. At St. John’s, we gladly open our doors to parents that want to see how we teach, live and learn together.


  • Coffee & welcome with the Educational Counsellor.
  • A guided tour of all campus facilities.
  • More information about curriculums, activities and our educational philosophy.
  • A meeting with Elaine Purves, Principal of St. John’s International School.
  • A straight answer to all of your questions.
Yes, show me around St. John’s!
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“At St. John’s, we offer a challenging environment with high academic standards, but with a personal and caring approach. We are the only international school in Belgium that offers a full International Baccalaureate programme. St. John’s is a tight community, where knowledge, arts, sports and personal development go hand in hand.”

Elaine Purves, Principal of St. John’s International School




Did you know?


We also offer flexible boarding options for our students.
From full-time accommodation to weekly boarding or simply ad hoc days. Our dedicated boarding staff will work around your busy family schedule.





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