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Our Lady of Mercy Annual Bake Sale

When: January 28 and 29

Where: St Anne's, Parish Hall. Venue: Place de la Ste. Alliance 10. 1180 Bruxelles  Contact: Elda (

Cost: Tickets are on sale: 1 ticket 5 euros, 3 tickets 10 euros.

What: This is the main fund-raising event of the Parish so come and help us out. If you have a favorite cake, biscuit, bread, pie or jam, marmalade, chutney or fudge recipe, you can bake it for us! We will also be selling our very popular chilli. You may eat it there or take it home. We will also have our traditional raffle for a beautiful Gourmet Basket filled with goodies!

Religious Education 
RE classes and the Gospel of St. John’s Bible study series resume this Sunday, January 15.  Everyone is welcome, whether you've attended previous sessions or not!

Adult Education talk on January 22nd, at 11:30, given by Annemie Dillen, professor of pastoral and empirical theology at the Catholic University of Leuven. Title of the talk: "Nurturing children’s spirituality: a core task for parishes and parents".